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For the best response please contact us by whatsapp or email.

Best contact hours: Monday to Monday between 10:00 and 20:00. 

Outside these hours, our response can have a delay of maximum 12 hours!


Most of our properties are listed on our website

Some owners are interested in a personal way of selling their homes and do not wish to have their properties published. If there is any property you like or if you have any questions then please send us an email to

You can also send us a SEARCH request. Clearly state:

    -What you are looking for? (apartment, house, villa, for rent or to buy)

    -Which area you are looking something? ( Ibiza, Santa Eulalia, San Antonio, San Jose etc etc)

    -What is the maximum budget you would feel comfortable with for the right property?

    -For which period you are looking something? (1 year, 6 months etc)

    -From when you need the property ( 1st of May, first of April etc)

    -Any other important things we need to know

We always do our best to respond as soon as possible!

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